10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting to the Second Round

We all know that interviews can be extremely difficult. As a candidate, you want to impress the interviewer while maintaining your individuality. Although there isn’t a perfect formula for acing an interview, we can surely avoid these 10 mistakes: You arrived too late/too early. Arriving in an untimely fashion affects how the interviewer perceives you for the remainder […]

Company Culture: It Means More Than You Think

Whether you are a candidate or client; listen up. We all need to pay more attention to our workplace environment. No criteria should be ignored when attempting to create the perfect match between candidate and client. However, one aspect that is often, wrongfully overlooked, is that candidate’s ability to fit into company culture. No one […]

Launching Your Mobile Resume

Nowadays, people are using their smartphones for everything from job searches, to health plans, to actually communicating with people. But since more and more people are using mobile devices on a daily basis, there is a spark in the interest to make your resume mobile. By allowing potential employers to view your resume on a […]

3 Tricky Interview Questions and the Best Ways to Answer Them!

Interviews can be tricky. You never know what the employer truly wants out of an answer. However, if you can tailor your answers to accommodate what the employer wants while adding in your expertise, you are on track to a successful interview. Take a look at the following questions to understand what the employer is […]

Subtle Interview Tips You May Have Overlooked

There are things that can happen outside the actual conversation in the interview that will push you a bit further in the interview process. They can show what kind of person you are and how you conduct yourself. When organizations are hiring, they are not only looking for someone who is able to do the […]

Interview Questions That Will Help You Uncover More Information

Interviews are the perfect time to ask questions that will help you get to know who you will be working with in the future. There are specific topics that you might want to get a feel for before you commit to working there that can be discovered on the interview. Take a look at the […]